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Communication Network International (CNI) is a communication and information technology consultant-cum-trainer group, engaged in provision of management consultancy services in the field of Communications Engineering, Satellite Communication Management & ITU Regulatory Affairs, Information Technology Management and Networking to corporate and industrial sectors throughout Pakistan and UK. We have our offices at Islamabad in Pakistan with business associates in Karachi & Lahore as well.  Our approach towards solutions is customer-oriented.  We ensure that the requirements for services, operation and control of our valued customers are actually translated into product development programs.  We provide cost-effective solutions, and endeavor timely implementation & delivery of our services to the market.


We have the experience of developing and implementing communication strategies and establishing communication systems, at nation-wide level with the help of our team, which has on the average 20 years of working experience in the field of satellite communications, satellite interference analysis & frequency coordination, avionics & radar systems, cryptology, software development, telecommunication systems including payphones, networking & ISPs, and CCTV surveillance & security systems.


In addition we also have the expertise in ICT market research & analysis, business promotion, developing business ventures and provision of follow-up services.  Our team can assist clients in the user requirements definition, market gap research, system/network design, contract negotiations/ collaboration/ proposals/ presentations, and communication system management.


In short we have the expertise of providing all range of solutions and services, from conceptualization to realization of any communication project, may it be in the field of satellite communication, telecommunication, internetworking or software development, and related technologies.


CNI is committed to use all of its resources - financial and human � in an optimal manner to provide above mentioned services and will endeavor to undertake experimentation and innovation, in a planned and deliberate way, to keep pace with dynamic market requirements.


With multi-disciplined professional team at its disposal, CNI is a formidable force which is currently providing following consulting/ business solutions to its clients:

  • Satellite Frequency Interference Analysis & Frequency Coordination Strategies

  • Development of C- & N-Notices, and Filings on behalf of client administrations & satellite operators

  • Meeting ITU Satellite Frequency Regulatory Requirements

  • Market Demand Analysis of ICT Technologies

  • Promotion of Visualyse Software Tools (Transfinite Systems Ltd., UK)

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) solutions.

  • Computer & Networking solutions.

  • Software Development Projects and Software Quality Assurance (SQA).

  • Call Center Management and BPO Services.

CNI is currently representing following international affiliates:

  • Transfinite Systems Ltd., UK   (for Satellite Frequency Coordination& ITU Regulatory Affairs)

  • IABG GmbH, Germany (for Project Management Paksat 1-R Satellite Programme)

  • Helmet Mauell GmbH, Germany  (for Command & Control Stations / Video Walls)

  • E-Commerce Gateway, Singapore (ITCN)   (for Software Quality Assurance & Events Management)

  • OIC Networks Sdn BHD, Malaysia  (for ICT & Networking solutions)

  • Eastern Travel, UK  (for Travel Business Process Outsourcing Call Center Setup and Support)

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